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About Us

The Content Creators Register is the UK’s first membership organisation for the rapidly evolving influencer marketing industry. Members of the CCR have successfully met our quality assessment criteria and adhere to a code of practice, certifying that their content, processes and conduct are of an honest and professional standard.


The Content Creators Register was founded to shine a light on digital creators that produce great content whilst adhering to ethical best practices. Dishonest activities have allowed those that use them to unfairly gain advantage over influencers of exceptional quality who often offer far better value to brands and partners. We passionately believe that genuine influencers should be given a means of distinguishing themselves.


Jo Kenny

Jo began blogging in 2008 and continues to write about food and travel. Jo has spoken about blogging on radio, written for magazines and judged for local awards.

“Having started blogging in 2008 I have seen the changing landscape of the influencer industry. I have felt first hand the frustrations of modern day blogging; the longstanding problem of a content creator’s worth so often being merited exclusively on their follower count. Being reduced to a number has sparked the rise of dishonest practices to get ahead: to grow an audience by any means necessary; bringing many success at the expense of genuine and talented creators who are overshadowed by numbers. My vision is to play an active role in changing the conversation. I want to showcase excellence and give passionate creators a new means of setting themselves apart.”

Alex Quail

Alex has been involved with digital marketing since 2003, and launched his first blog in 2007. He has held Head of Digital positions in agency-side and client-side roles, working across a broad range of sectors and industries including accreditation, tech, and finance.

“What started as a hobby has become my career, and in the 12 years since launching my first blog I have seen influencer marketing explode in to one of the most exciting marketing channels available today. Digital content creators are entering a period of unprecedented opportunity, but with this comes new challenges, competition, and a rapidly evolving landscape. I am passionate about providing digital creators with the tools and knowledge they need to maximise their potential, helping them to build foundations for long term growth and success in this exciting industry.”

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