The CCR Code of Practice - Content Creators Register

The Content Creators Register Code of Practice


1.1 Clearly credit others’ work when referencing it, be it images, video or words.

1.2 Execute all written or spoken reviews about a brand or product in an informative manner with honest, personal experience and where applicable with professional and constructive feedback.

1.3 Disclose gifted and/or sponsored products and content in accordance with guidelines.

1.4 Avoid any statement which is contrary to your personal opinion or which you know to be incorrect or misleading.


2.1 Ensure that social media followings are genuine and honestly attained. The purchasing of follower numbers or use of robots to inorganically grow followings on any social media platform is strictly forbidden.

2.2 Avoid “spamming” at all times in the form of automated direct messages, excessive adverts which hinder the enjoyment of content or repetitive promotional social posts.


3.1 Create content with passion and genuine interest for the subject matter.

3.2 Ensure that content is of a general high standard with clear images, correct spelling, proper use of grammar and clear, audible sound.

3.3 Endeavour at all times to associate with brands who reflect your own values and/or lifestyle, in order to promote genuinely.


4.1 Be aware at all times of your audience and the impact that your messages may have on them.

4.2 Any message promoted must not be offensive, illegal or unsafe. See 5.5 for confirmation of what is deemed offensive.

4.3 Promote brands and products responsibly; carefully consider your audience before choosing to promote a product.

4.4 Full disclosure of risks, side effects and age restrictions must be present within any promotion, particularly in relation to higher risk products, including but not limited to:

4.4.1 Money lending
4.4.2 Weight loss
4.4.3 Legal highs
4.4.4 Gambling
4.4.5 Tobacco and Alcohol
4.4.6 Cosmetic enhancements (surgical and non-surgical)

Careful consideration must be made on a case by case basis to the suitability of promoting high risk items. Any promotion which is deemed by the CCR to be irresponsible may result in the termination of membership.


5.1 Act as a proud representative of the industry and conduct yourself in a manner which is professional.

5.2 Create content with the aim to inspire, interest and inform.

5.3 Never create content with the aim to slander a brand or individual, or to publicise non-factual claims.

5.4 Recognise that upholding honesty sometimes warrants an element of criticism within reviews. Any criticism should be conducted in a constructive and professional manner that does not contradict with point 5.3.

5.5 All content must be in compliance with legal obligations and must not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

5.6 The CCR promotes a safe and confidential whistle blowing policy: the CCR should be contacted if there is reasonable evidence that a member is in breach of the Code of Practice. This should be exercised in a genuine manner and any false or malicious claims made against another member may put your membership in jeopardy.


6.1 Do not copy the work and thoughts of others and ensure that your opinions remain your own.

6.2 Practice your right to freedom of speech in a responsible manner that is not in breach of point 5.5 of the Code of Practice.

6.3 Set an example for others within the influencer industry; consider how you may assist or even mentor others.

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