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17th July 2019

Copper Confetti

Hi there! And welcome to my blog.

I’ve struggled with stomach issues for a good few years now and was diagnosed with IBS around 4 years ago without much help or guidance. Since my IBS wasn’t considered “major” (I hate to think what this must be like then!!) and they couldn’t pinpoint any food allergies, I felt a bit lost and frustrated. Luckily about 3 years ago, I spoke to another doctor who recommended I look into the low FODMAP diet.

Since properly getting to grips with the diet, I finally feel like my IBS is a bit more under control and I feel happier and more comfortable within myself and I hope that by sharing my experiences, fails, struggles and successes, this will encourage others to give the diet a try and hopefully they’ll also be able to change their lives for the better.

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