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Our mission is to give genuine creators a platform on which to set themselves apart. We welcome content creators who have organic audiences, create with passion and operate transparently. If you are aged 18 years or older and have been creating content for a minimum of six months then you are eligible to apply.

Membership benefits

Member’s Profile

Listing on the CCR website to allow brands and PR agencies to find the most trustworthy content creators to work with.

CCR Member Logos

Build instant brand trust and credibility by displaying exclusive CCR membership badges on your websites and platforms.

Exclusive Content

Regular members’ newsletters with exclusive interviews, the latest influencer news, guides and giveaways.


Access to strategic partnerships and benefits, including exclusive offers for CCR members.

The Content Creators Register plays an active role in assessing applicants before they become certified members. Each member has their content and conduct independently reviewed on a range of criteria including quality of content, transparency of paid or gifted promotion, relevance of promoted brands, authenticity of audience and general digital conduct. They have also agreed to an industry code of practice.

Apply for free membership

To celebrate the launch of the Content Creators Register, the first 100 successful membership applications will receive 12 months of free membership. The publicly-accessible register will be launched once the first 100 members have been listed.