Terms and Conditions - Content Creators Register

Membership Terms and Conditions


The CCR may send you essential communication by email, and a monthly email newsletter covering topics related to influencer marketing. You can opt-out of these emails by clicking “unsubscribe” at any time.

The CCR will not share your personal contact information with third parties for marketing purposes, although we may send details of your public CCR profile to brands and PR agencies that wish to work with you.


I have read the CCR Code of Practice and agree that these are the terms and conditions which I must abide by under my membership with the CCR. I acknowledge that any breach of these conditions can and will result in the immediate termination of my membership.

I agree that my admission into the CCR will be subject to a review of my website and/or social media channels. Should the CCR have any queries or requirement for further information on a subject relating to my existing practices and adherence to the Code of Practice, I will be contactable on the provided email address to assist. Failure to answer queries in a timely manner may delay or jeopardise my successful application.

Pending my successful application, I agree to my brand name being publically available on the CCR register; thus providing access for third party marketing, public relations and brands to view. Should any such parties wish to contact me, my contact details will not be made available on the CCR website; but through the contact information provided on my platforms.

I agree that the CCR is a register of members only and that the ISB has no obligation to generate or refer to me any business, collaborations or gifting opportunities of any kind.